Publishers - Love Your Bookshop Day 2020 is coming!

After the success of LYBD online last year, ABA is keen to make 2020 - the year we all went digital - even bigger and better. To help share the love and to thank those buying books and supporting our booksellers, here is some information about what we’re doing this year and how publishers can amplify #LYBD2020 and create your own content.

Ways to share the love for #LYBD2020

• Post and reshare the ABA #LYBD2020 social tiles

• Add #LYBD2020 information to your newsletters, website and other local online listings

• Create images of love and thanks with staff, authors and illustrators

• Create a short video sharing favourite memories of bookshops

• Video staff, authors and illustrators saying “Love Your Bookshop Day!” for online stories and posts

• Share your top 10 #Lockdownlove books for #LYBD2020

• Post and re-share any #LYBD2020 media that relates to your business

• Ask all of your authors/illustrators to make a special “thank you”social media post tagging #LYBD2020

• Run/post the #LYBD2020 competition drawings 

• Create your own #LYBD2020 competition to promote booksellers and your books

• Share fun facts about your company so the book community can get to know you better

In person celebrate LYBD2020 with your local community. 

• Provide promotional collateral or special signed copies of books for booksellers to use as giveaways on #LYBD2020

• Encourage your staff to join with you in visiting local bookshops to support celebrations

• Encourage your authors to connect with their local bookstore ahead of the day – perhaps they’d like to do an hour behind the counter, a digital storytime or book signings

• Ask an illustrator to create a special LYBD2020 blackboard/sign for the footpath - don’t forget the love heart or message of thanks - and to post it on social media!

• Invite a local illustrator to come in and sketch visitors and scenes at a local bookshop


If you have arranged local media for the day, you are planning to have a well-known author, illustrator or celebrity visit a bookshop, or have an interesting activity that you think the media would like to report on please let us know so we can support you where possible.


We have plenty of online resources, posters, profile pictures, MailChimp banners, Instagram tiles and more for you to use in your physical and virtual celebrations. Please contact the ABA and we will send a download link.

Questions and support

If you have any questions or would like support in planning your #LYBD2020 campaign please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (03) 9859 7322.